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Roberto Evengelista

Founder & CEO

From Our Founder

I was born in Mexico and raised in beautiful Sn Diego. My family immigrated here from Mexico City when I was very young. I have been in southern California for all of my life. I love San Diego, and the ambiance provides a great balance of enriched activities that afford an escape from the hectic work schedules. San Diego is constantly growing, and the fastest growing are the metropolitan areas, the military bases, the schools and Universities. They’re driven by the latest and greatest technological advances in science. From those advances come faster and better ways of doing things, smarter ways if you will.

I spend most of my time behind the desk and on the phone seeking an edge to the latest design development. At the forefront are the engineers that conceptualize the structures for tomorrows workforce putting those advances to work for us. I’ve focused on the design and implementation of the microsystem’s that bring intelligence and efficiency into our lives when appropriately deployed to fit specific needs. Finding the need and matching the systems to it are a relentless political and cut-throat endeavor that I have learned to tame with commitment to all parties involved by defining the common goal. Communication plays a key role in deployment as does integrity and respect. Bringing in some of these lost values has proven to be a profitable and lasting resolution to the shallow temporary flings we have with techy rich social media.

I aim to focus on the big picture to maximize the value and opportunity it promotes for us.I created Technology Infrastructure to embrace the capabilities of interoperability within todays ancillary business systems tasked with efficient behaviors that collectively brighten your day, making you a more efficient and comfortable individual for your careers and most importantly for your loved ones.

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I have over 20 years’ experience in the IT design and project management field.

My whole education, enjoyment, and career has been targeted toward the design, oversite, and implementation of building technology systems with integrity and professionalism.

 I started on this path right out of high school when I started taking technical classes and achieved my Data/Voice Cabling Training Program Certificate, and then my Associates of Science Degree in Computer Network Systems. At that time I was working as a cable technician and sales engineer for a network design company.

From there I have worked as a Network Solutions Account Manager and was heavily involved in network design and configuration.  Seeing a future in infrastructure and enjoying new technologies and project development I started taking on responsibilities leaning heavily toward this specialty.

Over the years I have achieved 35 Manufacturer Certifications encompassing all sub-disciplines including but not limited to Home automation, Networking, Audio Visual, Optical, Copper and Fiber Optic Testing, CCTV, Intrusion, Access Control with a strong focus on best practice and applying practical principles to solutions based on technology services.

In 2009 I achieved the BISCI PCI Certification, and RCDD certificate which is one of the highest design credentials in the information and communications technology industry, recognized worldwide. An RCDD is required to have at least five years of ICT design experience, approved education and industry certifications.

I have worked Business Development, Design, Estimating, Project management, Needs assessment, Forecasting, Resource Management, Professional Studies, for all sub disciplines within the Low Voltage/ Technology arena for the past 21 years primarily in the Southern California Market. All projects for U.S national accounts east to west coast exclusively and have no objection to international accounts should the opportunity present itself.

Since 2005 I have been employed at a handful of design companies here in San Diego as a dedicated infrastructure design engineer.  I have contracted for several companies as SDSU, Hewlett Packard, Bumble Bee Foods, and many others.  I have been privileged to be involved in designing and project managing some of the largest metropolitan corporate project seen in this region.

From all of this I have acquired the following skills:

  • Design, implement, troubleshoot and maintain all facets of technology infrastructure in a commercial office and data center

  • Proficient in communication: Verbal &

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite applications including Visio, and MS

  • Bilingual: Spanish & English

  • Demonstrated proficiency in cabling best

  • Demonstrated proficiency with human resource

  • Great knowledge base of all major manufacturer platforms having been certified by all manufacturers within the last ten

  • Established relationships with local distribution channels and manufacturer representatives for all sub disciplines of technology (AV, Network, Security, OSP, RF Optical and Copper).

  • Capable and creative to resolve challenges with an out of the box approach for effectiveness and

  • Proficient in assessing needs and Project Planning, by setting milestones and procedures with checks and balances for the objective to increase quality, proficiency, profitability and most of all

  • Familiar with CRM software such as Tigerpaw and

  • Working knowledge with of CAD and CAD, and Revit.

This year, 2019 I started Technology Infrastructure LLC.  I decided to go out on my own to provide the stellar service in infrastructure that only comes with experience and creativity of which I have an abundant supply.  I left my last employment position on good terms and now I am ready to serve you and your company needs.