Data Center

data center

A data center is a location that houses computing facilities such as servers, routers, switches, and firewalls. It also features supporting components like backup equipment, fire suppression facilities, and HVAC.

Supportingr features and sub-components often make up the center of an organization’s IT systems. These critical facilities usually require a significant investment in supporting systems. These include air conditioning/climate control systems, fire suppression, secure entry, and identification and raised floors for easy cabling and water damage prevention.

When collocations are shared, virtual access often makes more sense than granting total physical access to various organizations and personnel. Shared collocations are usually owned and maintained by one organization that leases center partitions to other client organizations. Often, client organizations are small companies without the financial and technical resources required for dedicated data center maintenance. The leasing option allows smaller organizations to obtain professional data center advantages without substantial capital expenditure.

The primary purpose of a center is to store and process data. This can take many forms. For example, you can store company files or provide an entire IT network through the use of a data center.

You don’t have to own your collocation, or even deal with a data- center directly, to utilize the facilities. Cloud-based services are all based in data centers. That may be cloud storage, SaaS (Software as a Service), web hosting software or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

With the help of collocation, many businesses are moving their IT network to the cloud. Rather than store their data on a server in the workplace, they are storing it within a data center. This comes with internal security and reliability advantages. This also allows a business to reduce its capital spending on ICT equipment. It minimizes the need for periodic hardware refreshes and reduces exposure to the depreciation of assets.

This is how Acronyms operates when providing cloud-based solutions and IT support to businesses in Plymouth. We work together with Plymouth Science Park to manage IT networks, phone systems and more, all within the  center.

Whether your companies needs dictate an external leased facility or an in-house private facility Technology Infrastructure LLC is familiar and expert in every facet of data center design and supporting components.