Infrastructure Definition


infrastructure Definition infrastructure is a noun
in·fra·struc·ture | \ ˈin-frə-ˌstrək-chər  , -(ˌ)frä-\

2: the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization)

Infra- means “below;” so the infrastructure is the “underlying structure” of a country, building, network or another noun, the fixed installations that it needs to function. For our purposes, the definition of infrastructure includes construction, HVAC, Electrical Distribution, Audio Visual, BMS, Dmarc, Head End, IDF, Data Center, Fire Alarm, Computer Networks, Security, wireless and how they interact with one another. Some people also speak about such things as the intellectual infrastructure or the infrastructure of enterprise company systems, and these are the infrastructures we deal with.

Technology Infrastructure can be extremely complicated as in planning and design it encompasses Vendors, Hardware, Software, API integration, Physical installations, Software configurations, interoperability planning, timelines, budgets, time management, and experience.
Today’s networks and information systems are expected to do more than those of yesterday.  We now live in a world where data and information are expected in real time, and all legacy systems are expected to provide this information in a seamless platform, and this requires precise planning, design, and project management to accomplish.

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